Sunday, 27 September 2009

Spike Jonze

I decided to have look into Spike Jonze's body of work. I saw the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are this morning. I liked the story about the child escaping the real world, in which his mother pays him no attention, into a world of his imagination. As the idea of imagination was something we had for our music video I thought I would have a look at some of his videos. I had a look at 'Y Control' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 'Get Back' by Ludacris and 'Weapon of Choice' by Fat Boy Slim.

Annoyingly all three videos have embedding disabled so I have provided the links.

Y Control - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This video features children acting as an anarchist mob of some kind. The idea behind this video is that children learn from copying so it is possible for children to end up bad as they are very impressionable. We have an interest in using children in our video, however I think we would be using them in quite a different way. The message is quite similar though, as we would be looking at how everything was nice and innocent when you were a child and you had no worries in the world. This goes with the lyrics of the song as they are about the worries when in love.

Get Back - Ludacris

This video is a completely different genre to the previous but Jonze still manages to bring his own unique visual style to it. This video doesn't have any children but it does have certain visuals to relate to what's going on. In the video Ludacris gets into a fight with someone and his muscles on his arms are blown to a funny proportion. This could be something we can consider for our video; taking something from reality and changing it in some way to make it humourous in the way it looks.

Weapon of Choice - Fat Boy Slim

This video doens't really have any special effects in the way of distortion of image. It is really a simple concept; Christopher Walken dancing around an empty hotel and ends up flying. I really liked this as it was just one man having a good time to music. This was one of our ideas for our music video so finding something like this showed how a simple context like that can look really good.

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