Monday, 28 September 2009

Digipack ideas

We started thinking about the types of things you would want to see on the digipack of a singer/songwriter.

As Feist is just one person we thought that they would be the primary focus for someone who would buy the digipack. Based on this we thought having interviews with her would be a fantastic idea. As there might be too much focus on her we thought that having interviews with the director/producers of the video would be a good idea as this may provide more insight into the inspiration for the artist as well as the inspiration the artist can generate.

We started thinking about the genre of music and the type of person who would be likely to buy the digipack. The music is quite a laid-back style known as "New Folk". We thought about the type of extras someone like this would be interested in watching. We would include:
  • On set diary
  • On tour diary
  • Feist's festival survival guide
  • Interview with Fesit
  • Interview with director/producers
  • Badges/stickers
  • Video for "Mushaboom"
  • Poster
  • Cardboard case (recycled)
  • CD-Rom capabilities - desktops, screensavers etc.

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