Friday, 25 September 2009

Initial Ideas

Following on from the influences of Juno, Nick and Norah and Away We Go I think that an interesting idea to do would be something about a young couple in love.

One of my ideas is the the couple doing fun stuff and just generally having a good time together. This would take place in some sort of location they could go together.

Some possible ideas for location
  • The Park
  • The Seaside
  • A Field
  • A Farm
  • Town
Some possible ideas for what they could be doing
  • Having a picnic
  • Building a rocket
  • Making a sandcastle
  • Playing on swings etc.
  • Playing in the sea
  • Running really fast down a hill
  • Making mudcakes
  • Cartwheels
  • Riding bikes
  • Making a cake
We definitely like the idea of a couple. We could take influence from Juno and Nick and Norah and focus on a teenage couple. An alternative to this that would break convention in to focus on a young couple aged around 8-10. This would be quite a nice idea as it would focus on the innocence of love.

NOTE. I think maybe it should be people our age, acting young, living old memories. Sam

Another idea Ram had, at the end. Would be to have a couple (boy & girl) get really close, either about to kiss, or kiss (nothing major, don't get too excited :) and then have the whole shot tear in half. Then the torn paper could either get caught in the wind, or dropped on the floor. If they're dropped on the floor, i think it'd look good if two different people pick up a piece each and walk away.

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