Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ideas - Frightened Rabbit

I looked at some more music videos that i thought were quite interesting.

I really like the animation in this video and i think we can achieve this with some live footage as well. Also the sketchy kind of feel to it will fit really well in our music video and it will make it more enjoyable for our target audience.

Another interesting video by the same band is 'Bright Pink Bookmark' I think this is an excellent video because it has a very interesting concept and you can watch it multiple times without getting bored.
Looking into Goodwins points, this video has some really good features; such as the visual images of things growing fits nicely with the calm relaxed music, making the video very hypnotic. This is key for this video because it has no lyrics so it is important to keep the viewer interested in watching so that they remember it. This kind of video is very typical of this genre so it makes the visual advertising for the band more difficult but yet it helps them greatly because the people who like this genre generally like this kind of video.

Both of these videos are of a similar genre to 'I feel it all' so looking at these videos will help gage what the target audience likes and what competition there is out there.

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