Friday, 25 September 2009

An idea from James

This evening I watched Live And Let Die, which in my mind is one of the best James Bond films. This then got me thinking about some of the iconic figures of cinema that all young boys and girls which they could be. I thought that this may be an interesting idea to consider when it came to our video.

As one of our main ideas was a young couple having a good time I thought that the idea of dressing up as some of these characters and have the characters acting like them. James Bond was a particular inspiration in this as every young boy wants to be him and he is a figure many girls find attractive.

This got me thinking about other similar characters. I thought about Indiana Jones and Han Solo as well. These characters are both instantly recognisable and also have female counterparts eg. Marion and Princess Leia repsectively.

This is just an idea that I am yet to discuss with my group but I just wanted to put it on the blog so the idea was there if it was to develop.

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