Sunday, 11 October 2009


On Sunday, we filmed our music video.

Sam managed to book the junction, so we could shoot there.
The filming went very well, and we got plenty of footage. We were slightly un-organised to begin with, but once we had everything, and we'd set everything up, we were ok. We filmed from 11-3:30.

Our final idea, was to have an audition process, where one of the "auditionees" stands infront of a blank white sheet, and sings the song; but whilst this's happening, they'd be pelted with random things, like shredded paper, confetti, icing sugar, glitter, balloons, sellotape, and paint. We also ran objects through the shots, like a trolley or a rubber tyre. We went for a very simplistic look, and purposely left the props like fans and chairs in the shots. We wanted it to look like an actual audition. We also used 3 camera's in total, to get a wide range of angles, of the same thing.

Whilst we were there, we thought it an opportune time to take photographs for our digipack. Whilst doing our storyboard we wanted to fill up small balloons with glitter, or shaving cream, and for them to be on the sheet behind the auditionee and to be popped at the beat. This didnt work very well, as the balloons were small, they werent easy to tie. (Below, trying to fill the balloons, which was unsuccessfull)

Overall, the whole shoot went very well, and once we look at the footage we got, we can decide if we'll need to film again. :)

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