Tuesday, 6 October 2009



The above link is for the Cure- Close to me.

I really like this video, as its very close up, and is in one area the whole time. I think if we did our video in one confined space, it'll make it look more effective, and mean we could shoot at any time, and in one location, so we could film for as long as we wanted.
We could also improve it a lot in editing, and still add animation.

This is the video for Paramore- ignorance. This video is also very confined, and dark, i like how there's a single spotlight, which is cleverly used to highlight each band member.
i like the closeness of this video too, and the use of light, we could do a video like this, and use large lamps, to brighten the area, without making it look grungy or dark, because our artist is more indie/folk.

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