Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Footage Problems

Sam and myself decided to bring our video cameras with us so we could shoot multiple angles. This worked very well at the time and we had lots of excellent footage. The footage from the school and sam's camera's uploaded fine, however the footage from my camera did not upload as the file format was not supported by final cut. A media technician said he should be able to sort it but he hasn't been here for the past two days so we aren't sure whether or not he has done it and if he has there is no way for us to get the footage at the moment. This is a problem as we had lots of footage that we wanted to use and at the moment we have lots of footage but from about 3 different angles with no close-ups. Ryan has some converting software at home so he is going to see if he can convert it tonight. Hopefully we will have all the footage tomorrow.

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