Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas

Another idea:
To have that game young children play, when you lift a huge sheet into the air, and someone has to run to the other side before it falls down.

But, it'd be slightly different. The sheet wouldn't fall down; and the whole video would be a huge tracking shot to the right, following our lead singer. The sheet would be white, or any bright colour, and it'd keep changing throughout the whole thing. Along the way she'd do or see things relating to the lyrics. We wouldn't see anything from the outside, just her, and whatever she comes across, as if she's in her own world.

Things she'd come across:

  • When the lyrics say "the wings are wide, the wings are wide," wings could sprout from behind her.
  • When the lyrics say "wild card inside, wild card inside" we could do a close up of her spreading a pack of cards (as if to do a magic trick) and then throw them up in the air above her
  • When the lyrics say "I'll be the one who'll break my heart," we could have an animated heart on her, then break it in half.
  • When the lyrics say "I love you more, i love you more" she could be holding a flower, and picking the petals off, (like when young children go: "he loves me, he loves me not")
  • When the lyrics say "But now i know i wanna win the war" we could animate small explosions around her
  • When the lyrics say "No one likes to take a test" we could animate numbers, and equations around her head, and she bats them away, and they turn to smoke
  • When the lyrics say "put your weight against the door" she could open an animated door, and walk through it.
  • When the lyrics say "kick drum on the basement floor" she could kick a drum across the floor.
  • When the lyrics say "stranded in a fog of words" she could have a cloud around and above her head, with words coming out of them, then she could bat them away, clearing the air.
  • When the lyrics say "loved him like a winter bird" we could animate birds above her head, and one of them to rest on her finger
  • When the lyrics say "on my head the water pours" we could animate a bucket of water falling on her. Or pour a real bucket of water over her head.
  • When the lyrics say "fly away, fly away to what you want to make" we could have an animated hot air balloon in the semi-distance with someone waving out of it.
  • Then, the same thing when the lyrics say "the wings are wide the wings are wide" and "wild card inside, wild card inside" and "I'll be the one to break my heart"
  • When the lyrics say " the truth lied, and lies divide" we could animate, the whole shot being torn in half. Then to two pieces of "paper" would get blown away in the wind.
I think this idea would maybe be a lot easier to execute, as we could do it anywhere, and wouldn't need many people. We would also need a lot of small props, which would relate to the lyrics. But we'd have to film soon, as a lot of it would has animation in it. This would mean there'd be a lot of class, and outside work, rather than more filming. The video would have a very clean, almost sterile look to it, which i think would work well with the artist, as she's quite feminine.

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