Thursday, 12 November 2009

Magazine Advert and DVD Cover

Below you can see the Magazine advert and DVD cover we have created for our music video.

We aimed to make the magazine advert bright and colourful so it would stand out. For this we decided to use a screen shot of us throwing paint at ram. This was good as the background was plain white with the bright colours of the paint over the top of it. We played with the font in the quote at the bottom to make some words bigger. This is something we have seen in adverts in magazines to make certain words stand out and it was something we wanted to use in our magazine advert to make it seem really genuine.

The DVD cover has quite a plain feel to it, with two parallel images on the back and front of the case. We included some quotes and a special features box. We also decided to include a universal logo and Feist's music label's logo on the DVD cover, again to give it more of a genuine feel. We didn't include a BBFC rating as we found in research that the majority of digipacks didn't have these.

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